Chartfield Info.


Chartfields are the backbone of the UF accounting system. They consist of a string of numbers that are similar to a bank account number, but much more flexible. While an account number can only tell you one piece of information, a Chartfield can answer: Who, what , why, when and where. Some of the more common parts of a chartfield string are:

Department ID (i.e. County Ops is 60350000)
Fund Code (i.s 209 is for contracts and grants)
Program code (i.e. 3300 is for research)
Account code (i.e. 771100 is for travel)
Source of Funds( i.e. G000670 is for local government)
Project (used to identify grant funding)

In addition to the above, a chartfield may also contain such information as:

Employee ID
Budget Reference


Review the IFAS Extension Chartfield Tutorial.



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