Travel and Expense


Entering travel into myUFL consists of two parts. The first is a "Travel Authorization" (T.A.) which allows a traveler to encumber (or set aside) money for future travel. The second is an "Expense Report" (E.R.) which is completed after the travel date and actually pays for travel expenses. The E.R. will pay for travel from funds that have been set aside (encumbered) in a T.A. We call this "relating" an ER to a TA.

Keep in mind that a T.A. is not necessary for every travel. You only need it for the following circumstances:

1)The travel is for a conference or a convention. If this is the case, please be sure to keep a copy of the agenda and attach it with your expense report (you will complete the ER upon your return)

2) The travel has a registration fee

3) The travel is foreign.

Travelers do not have to complete a T.A. if their travel does not meet the above criteria. For example, if you travel domestically - no TA is required. If you travel to a meeting that does not have a registrtion fee, and is not a conference/convention - you do not need to complete a TA.

Detailed Travel Instructions

Reimbursement Rates as of July 2007

Employee's traveing on grants will also need this:

Travel Instructions for Projects

For more information please visit:

Official UF Travel Page



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